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Mortgages and Finance Department

           With the investments in properties over the years, Cook Real Estate Agency has been able to sell some of their rentals to lessees that have established themselves with the company.  These tenants have shown to us that they will be able to pay in a timely manner whenever the payments come due whether they are buying or renting.  Normally, these homes are sold with a small down payment, as little as $500 down.  Of course, the more the down payment on a home, the less the payments.  With this option of a small down payment, we are helping those who could not afford to buy homes otherwise.  It is a starter home type plan for those qualified tenants.

       Another option we give is financing of a listing.  Anything that may be on the Real Estate market at this time or not on the market could be financed through Cook Real Estate Agency.  As mentioned before, Richard Cook is a licensed Real Estate Broker with the state of Georgia Real Estate commission and is able to show and sell any properties that may be on the Real Estate market in the State of Georgia.  Mr. Cook is a member of the local Thomasville Real Estate Board and the Multiple Listing Service.  He has access to all Real Estate listings in the area through a monthly publication of the MLS book.  This is not a big area of our business, but an option that is taken into consideration.

       We would go over all of these options and others whenever you call our office and set up an appointment with our secretary.  Then we will be able to sit down, relax, and discuss your future Real Estate needs over a cup of coffee or a soft drink.  Normally, Cook Real Estate Agency does not give out much information over the phone of what is available in rentals or sales.  It is very hard to see where you are coming from and what you are actually looking for in a home.  We would need to discuss all business fact to face.  We will need for you to complete information on a short form called our Home Application.

You can find a home on this web page.

       Thanks for your interest in our company and hopefully we will be able to help you and your family find the Home or Property you are looking for in the Thomasville and Thomas County Area.

Richard W. Cook, Broker/Owner
Cook Real Estate Agency.