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March 2022

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Cook Real Estate Agency is a very small real estate company that has helped folks like you to find a home, whether that is farm land, acreage, house, (large house or small house, high priced or low priced does not matter). etc.  General information on how to rent a house through Cook Real Estate Agency, 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia:

I want to Thank you for checking with Cook Real Estate Agency.  For 62 years, we have provided homes to RENT, BUY, and/or WE LIST & SELL HOMES LAND (SMALL OR LARGE), commercial property in Thomasville, Thomas County Georgia and surrounding counties.  We can help you.  This is a unprecedented time as we all get through the day each day. Very seldom do we stay occupied with nothing coming available or for see anything for a few months now.  Continue to check with us, as we do not know when a new rental will be added.  Website is a good place to continue to check.  www.cookrealest.com or call our telephone at the office 24/7 to get what we have available to rent over the telephone.  229-226-3889 extension 1.

        All RENTALS we have available at the date of this rental list are LISTED, no matter the location!

        Please take time and read all information provided, as it will answer 95% of your questions on how we operate and how to RENT a House or an Apartment through Cook Real Estate Agency in Thomasville, Georgia.  Celebrating 62 years in business, Cook Realty knows a little bit about renting houses and have a system in doing so.  Cook Real Estate Agency has prepared this information for people to understand our procedures/system and how to RENT through our agency.  Thank you for taking time to read, understand, and study the information provided.

        Come by the office of Cook Real Estate Agency @ 209 West Monroe Street IN Thomasville, Georgia  to pick up our current RENTAL LIST in our GREEN information box outside the front door of our office ANYTIME  24 hours a day 7 days a week.  On this RENTAL LIST, it will listall RENTALS we have at the time of printing the list.

        It is up to you to get our list of rentals, ride by the areas and look for yourself whether you would like to live there for one year minimum. 

o       The best way to see the inside of any of our RENTALS is to call or text Richard W. Cook @ 229-403-7300 when you want to look or send an email to cookrealtyrental@aol.com.  Or call the office phone (229-226-3889) and press extension 3 (three) for Richard W. Cook’s voicemail.  I am out more than in the office, so try my cell phone,too.  Yoy can call or text up to 7 PM each day.  229-403-7300.  If I do not answer your call, there is a reason.  Either I am talking with someone else at the time and don’t want to interrupt conversation.  When this happens, please leave a quick message of why you are calling.

        Cook Realty operates on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE Basis WITH ALL (certified funds) MONIES PAID IN FULL (NOT JUST DEPOSIT) AND A COMPLETED HOME APPLICATION PRESENTED AT THE SAME TIME. Now, we keep applications out in the whote mail box attached to our building.  So, at our office of Cook Real Estate Agency 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia, pick up information sheet in the green information box and the application out of the white mail box attached to our building.   

        ALSO, Applications can be emailed to you. Send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com  and ask us to send you the application as an attachment to the email.  So, make sure you can download and print it.  Or we can fax to your FAX at work or home.  Or hotel, etc.  Or we can tape one to the front door of our office.  Just let us know by asking us to tape an application to front door of our office@ 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia.  You can text this message or email us to tape application to front door of office and about what time you will be by the pick it up.  Cook Real Estate Agency would like to know which RENTAL you want an application for, as it may have rented and just not able to be removed as quickly as we rent our rentals from the rental list or on the website. 

o       You will not be considered for occupancy unless we have all the money (Certified funds) and a completed application, with personal information on your application.  Applications considered not complete will not be accepted or become void.


Why IS the office locked or seems closed QUITE A BIT: 

There are times when the office is locked during office hours, as we are out taking care of business outside of the office. Unfortunately, Cook Real Estate Agency doesn’t have anyone in the office at all times posted that the office is physically open.  So, it is always a good idea (instead of popping in to see us) call or text 229-403-7300 and let us know you want to meet at the office such and such time today. I think this is true for a lot of people in business as they have to be out showing properties or taking care of other business outside.  


COOK Real Estate Agency has business meetings outside of the office as well as inside of the office.  So, we don’t get interrupyred in a meeting inside of the office, we will lock the front door.  IN & OUT:  IMPORTANT TO REALIZE:  Brian Lameier and I are IN & OUT of the office on a regular basis.  We are not sitting in the office all the time waiting for people to just stroll in and do not have anyone to sit in the office.  If you get to the office and the office is locked, call or text our cell phones at 229-403-7300 for Richard W. Cook or 229-305-5979 for Brian Lameier.  Sometimes we may be in a meeting with someone and cannot talk when you make your call, but can take a second to respond to a text in a few minutes.  It all depends. Again, if and when we are in conversation with someone, we will not interrupt our conversation to answer your call.  It will go to voice mail.   Text and we will respond

Normal office hours:  Our normal business hours are Monday  thru Friday 9:00 AM till 5 PM.  Saturday and Sunday optional.  However, even though we have certain office hours posted does not mean someone will be in the office when you come by or call the office telephone.  Sometimes, if I am in the office by myself, I will have the front door locked, but have the” SIGN ON THE FRONT DOOR SAYING IN-OPEN-COME ON IN”.  Knock on the door.  If I am in the office, I will come to you.  Sometimes we rush out and don’t change the sign to OUT.  Just being human.  Call or text ahead of time before coming to the office is the best policy to catch us at the office.  Sometimes I am in the office early say 7 AM and sometimes I am in the office after 5.  I do make appointments before 9 or after 5.  It all depends on what I already have planned.  I know people work or have obligations where it is difficult to meet with us.  Just call.  Don’t feel like you are bothering us.  Understand though, with the phone ringing, I may be on the line with someone else.  So, leave me a voice message and I will call you back. 229-403-7300.  I don’t like interrupting my conversation with double calls coming in at one time, if I can help it. I DO MOST DEFINITELY WANT TO MEET YOU AT THE OFFICE AND NOT CONDUCT A LOT OF BUSINESS OVER THE PHONE. 

        Pets:  NOT ALLOWED ON SOME PROPERTIES.  IT DEPENDS ON THE OWNER’S PREFERENCES.  Cook Real Estate Agency requires a $400 PET FEE to be paid up front with rent and security deposit (Damage fund) to move in.  Non Refundable PET FEE (not a pet deposit) must be paid before key is given to move in.  The pet fee is a separate fee altogether.  Otherwise, there will be a NO PETS clause in the LEASE.   If a pet is found on the property and you have not paid the $400 pet fee, then immediately, you will be asked to move for violation of the lease.    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE LEASE.

o       PETS:  PET FRIENDLY: PET FEE:  Owners are getting away from tenants being able to have pets in their rental houses and apartments. PETS IN GENERAL do so much damage to properties and owners end up paying for what your pet did. With this said, pets must be addressed per property. 

        Concerns:  write down your concerns on paper.  Give us a punch list, if there is one.  We can always miss something even as large or small, as it may seem to you.  We will go and take a second look.  Cannot guarantee a change, but will look.

        RENTALS CAN BE HARD TO FIND- Cook Real Estate Agency suggests when you find a RENTAL YOU LIKE after viewing the inside and outside, it is in the neighborhood you are looking for, and it is in your price range, to complete the HOME application and get us the total amount of monies to move in.  For an application, leave us a message on our cell phone(text 229-403-7300) with your fax number or your email address.  Or send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com to send you a copy of our application.  Email is a great way of communication.  AGAIN, especially in this real estate rental market, RENTALS NORMALLY DO NOT LAST LONG.

        Cook Real Estate Agency wants certified funds on all payments and cannot be partial payments like just the deposit.  Cook Real Estate Agency cannot hold any properties for any length of time without ALL  monies paid and application complete.  When placing monies up to RENT one of our houses, you should be ready to sign a ONE YEAR lease within 48 hours (if approved).  Cook Real Estate Agency would like to get you in your new home and get the rent started as soon as practically possible.  RENT begins the day we go over the lease, you sign the lease, and we give you the keys to start moving in.   This will happen in our office.

        Cook Real Estate Agency tries to describe the best we can the size of the house or apartment by saying 1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, & 4 BR.  Sometimes a 2 bedroom can be large enough and have an extra room you could make it a 3 BR or a size of a house that will work for you.  The objective  is you should set up a time to view the inside.  You should always put your own eyes on the rental before making any decisions.  This is why it is hard to rent a house when you live out of town.  If you have a friend or relative that can go and look, we suggest this.  You will not get a feel with pictures only. 

RENT PRICES-- NEIGHBORHOODS:  This is the most popular question of all.  Someone always SAYS, “I am looking for a reasonable priced rental in a nice neighborhood.”  We cannot DESCRIBE neighborhoods.  Where someone lives is a personal decision, right or wrong.    For an idea of within your budget, you should not pay more than of your total monthly income for housing. 


MOST UPDATED LIST OF RENTALS:  Cook Real Estate Agency can fax, mail, or email the most updated RENTALS AVAILABLE list at any time or you can always swing by the office at 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia (24 hours a day 7 days a week)  to see what may be newly added to the list.  We have a green information box outside the front door of the office with the rental list inside.  Open the door and take one.  we always rent some and are adding new ones:  Check with us periodically, as this RENTAL LIST can change.  We just never know when we will be adding a new one.  And the new one may be the one you have been looking for in your price range.    We like correspondence by sending you the most updated list of rentals by email.  If you would send us an email at cookrealtyrental@aol.com and ask for our current list of rentals, we can reply with the most updated list of RENTALS normally the same day.  We will attach in an email the most current list of rentals.

        CALL THE OFFICE TELEPHONE FOR OUR CURRENT LIST OF RENTALS OVER THE TELEPHONE:  Cook Real Estate Agency went to an AUTOMATED ANSWERING SYSTEM over 20 years ago to allow people to call and get our list of rentals over the telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We keep this list updated with our most updated list of rentals.  During the day, if someone answers your call, then ask to be put through to our rental list.  We will.  Once the automated answering system starts, press 1 for our current list of rentals.  Again, this is 24/7 you can call the office to get our list of rentals. 

        As this list of RENTALS changes from time to time including prices, it is always good to check the day you are wanting to go and look to see if it is still available and see what the price is at that time.  As prices fluctuate from time to time as work is done on certain rentals, the price may increase. 


What is your TIME FRAME to move in one of our rentals:  WHEN DO YOU WANT TO MOVE IN A RENTAL OF COOK REAL ESTATE’S:  Everyone’s time frame of wanting to move in one of our rentals is different.  As mentioned earlier in this packet, Cook Real Estate Agency cannot hold any rental for any length of time (with only a deposit) or any other means.   People will say I have half of the total amount to move in.  ask if they could put down half.  The answer is always “NO. ”We must have total amount of monies to move in including poet fee, if applicable.  We want to get the RENTAL income coming in as soon as possible.


        When is RENT DUE here at Cook Real Estate Agency:  All of our rents are DUE and EXPECTED ON or BEFORE the 1st day of each monthALL RENTS ARE PAID IN ADVANCE, not during or the middle of the month.  This means before the month starts basically.    If the first day of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we ask you to come in the Friday before the FIRST with your RENT.  Always pay ahead and not get behind because we will evict when RENTS AREN’T PAID IN FULL  in the time frame (DEADLINE TO PAY RENT DUE AND LATE FEE IS THE 10th day of each month) we have set up for you to pay. 


PRO-RATE RENT:  If there is any proration of first month’s rent, we will prorate from the date we receive a signed lease to start rent to the end of the first month and actually pay a smaller reduced rate on the second month, not the first month.  We will prorate rent from the date you receive the key to the end of that first month.  If you are renting the house during the grace period we have of the 1st through the 5th, there is no proration.  Rent starts when we do the lease signing and we give you the key to start moving in. 




Home Application: MUST QUALIFY You must complete a home application to rent a house from us.  It takes 24-48 hours to approve or not approve your application.  You cannot move in the same day you put money up to Rent.  We have a 24 to 48-hour minimum waiting period for processing your information on the home application.  Just drop it off in an envelope with the full amount of money(certified funds such as cashier’s check or money order) to move in. 


Cook Real Estate Agency will process your application.  In the processing, Cook Real Estate Agency  will check to see if you pay your bills and other information that will help us get to know you better.  Do not let checking information stop you from completing an application or applying for a house or apartment to rent from us.  Background checks are necessary.


Taking rental house OR APARTMENT off the RENTAL MARKET for you:   Once we get THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF MONEY (CERTIFIED FUNDS) TO MOVE IN and the completed application at the same time, we will take the rental house you are interested in renting off the rental market.  The rental will be taken off the rental market for the 48 hour period or two business days to approve your application. NO ONE ELSE CAN GET IT, as we are trying our best to get you into the house of your choice.  If your application is not approved for any reason, then the house will go back on the rental market and your monies will be refunded.  When receiving monies to move in, we will complete a legal document explaining how the monies will be refunded.  We will try our best to get you into your new rental as soon as practically possible. 


When can we get started moving in:  Once we have approved your application, we will complete the one year lease with you.  Once we have gone over the lease with you, we will hand you a key, a copy of your signed ONE YEAR lease, and you can start moving in.  Allow a minimum of 30 minutes for the ONE YEAR lease signing process.  Please leave children with an adult outside of the lease signing so there are no interruptions.  Please turn off all cell phones during meeting and going over lease.


HOME IMPROVEMENTS:  Any improvements you want to make where the RENTAL is more LIKE HOME for you (COSMETIC ITEMS) is normally accepted by the owner, but has to be WRITTEN DOWN, SIGNED, DATED, ADDRESS, NAME, ETC. AND passed by the owner for his or her approval. 




MEETING people at the office:  We like to meet all persons at the office of Cook Real Estate Agency located at 209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville, Georgia.  Call ahead before coming to office  to make sure we are in the office.  229-226-3889 ext. 3 or 229-403-7300 Cell.  Thank you.  Again, to re-emphasize, there are times when we will be in the office with the OUT or IN sign on the front door and the door will be locked.  There are reasons for this.  For safety reasons, for conversation on phone or in office where we don’t or can’t be interrupted, or to the back of the office.  Please KNOCK and if we can, we will come to the door.  I would say most of the time, we can come right away.  Be patient.


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT:  Cook Real Estate Agency does property management for other owners as a licensed Real Estate Broker. 

        Cook Real Estate Agency does Property (RENTAL) Management as a licensed Real Estate Broker/agent and property management company.  In order to manage rentals for other owners, a person or individual doing business as a property management company must hold a real estate license. 

WEB SITE:  www.cookrealest.com for our list of RENTALS and procedures along with the history of the company. 



        Place application that you will complete plus certified funds (NO CASH, NO PERSONAL CHECK, or NO THIRD PARTY CHECK ACCEPTED) in the form of money order or certified check from your bank for the full amount of money to move in.  If you are going to have a pet, add $400 one time pet fee.  Total amount of monies that will need to be paid to be accepted to rent through  our agency is the FULL RENT + FULL SECURITY DEPOSIT + FULL PET FEE (If applicable)= Total amount to move in

        Once Cook Real Estate Agency receives the completed application and all certified monies for move in, we will have two business days to approve or to not approve your application.  If not approve, we will refund monies.  If approved or in process of approving and you change your mind, you lose all monies because Cook Real Estate Agency is spending tm end money trying to qualify you to move in the rental of your choice. 


Brian Lameier work’s sales and listings off his cell phone (229-305-5979). 

Interested in a house or commercial property on the market FOR SALE, Cook Real Estate Agency can help you.  We can get answers to all your questions on the property you are interested in.  Cook Real Estate Agency can show, gather information and sell REAL ESTATE.  Cook Real Estate can write an offer or sales contract.  Brian Lameier can help you by gathering all information, sales price, all facts about property, and showing the property.  AGAIN, Brian Lameier can write the sales agreement.    Brian Lameier  is Cook Real Estate Agency’s  sales associate Brian is an excellent REAL ESTATE SALES Associate.  He will bend over backwards to help you find a house, acreage, commercial property, farm, or whatever your real estate needs may be.  Brian Lameier can help you sell your real estate, too.  229-305-5979.


Selling Real Estate in Thomasville and surrounding areas!  First question to buy:  before you start looking for a house to buy, make sure you get your finances in order.  We suggest going to a financial institution(Bank) of your choice or mortgage company of your choice and see what they are willing to loan you to buy a house.  This will let you know what price range you should be looking for in a house to BUY.

REALTORBrian Lameier, our Sales Associate with Cook Real Estate Agency, would like to be YOUR REALTOR when it comes to BUYING and to finding a HOME, FARM, ACRES, Commercial, Etc.   Brian Lameier handles our listing and selling. 

Cook Real Estate Agency can SELL as well as RENT properties:  COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, AND LAND/ACREAGE/Farms:  If you know someone selling Real Estate, Cook Real Estate Agency can help them like any other REALTOR.  Cook Real Estate Agency is listing and selling REAL ESTATE (ALL TYPES, SHAPES, SIZES, and PRICE RANGES). 


Call or text us at 229-403-7300 Richard W. Cook cell or Brian Lameier, Sales Associate, 229-305-5979 cell.


We at Cook Real Estate Agency are looking for house(s) we can rent out for you or houses we can sell for you.  Cook Real Estae Agency can sell large or small priced Real Estate.  LAND-Acreage:  Cook Real Estate Agency has some land FOR SALE.  Let Cook Real Estate Agency be you REALTOR.  Cook Real Estate Agency can help with any of your real estate needs.  Call today.


LOCATION OF OUR OFFICE:  Our office of Cook Real Estate Agency is centrally located in DOWNTOWN THOMASVILLE, one block from the DOWNTOWN Post Office, one block from the Thomas County Library, and one block from the Thomas County Courthouse.  Actually, they have built the new judicial building or courthouse in our BACKYARD so to speak.   Thomas County Board of Commissioners has just built the new 911 center next door on West Monroe Street.  Address of Cook Real Estate Agency’s office complex is 207-209 West Monroe Street in Thomasville.  Our office is right off of Business Highway 84 orNorth Madison Street. 


High demand for rentals:  Cook Real Estate Agency needs more Houses to Rent.  If you know someone that is having trouble with their rentals and need some help,  Cook Real Estate Agency are the professionals in collecting rent and maintenance and upkeep.  Have them give me a call or text at 229-403-7300. 


Cook Real Estate Agency needs more houses or REAL ESTATE (in general as we sell farms, businesses, land -large or small acreage),  to sell.  If you know of someone trying to SELL any type of Real Estate (large or small) in price and size, Cook Real Estate Agency has been helping folks sell their real estate since 1960.  Cook Real Estate Agency has the experience to help you with all of your real esate needs. 


Cook Real Estate Agency is looking for buyers to buy Real Estate.  Brian Lameier is the professional who can help you walk through all phases of buying, such as getting your financing in order before you start to look.  Go to a bank or financial institution or person who will loan you the money to buy first before going and looking.  Try and get a price range you should be looking.  If you already have your financing in order, Brian can research and hopefully find what you may be looking for in a house to live in or or land or commercial property or an investment in rentals.


Office number is 229-226-3889.  Press extension 0 or 3 to speak with someone in the office.  If we are in the office, someone will pick up.  If we have stepped away from our desk and you get the voicemail, please leave us an voice message on how we can help you.  We try our best to call you back the same day.  Thank you for your consideration to call the real estate professionals of Cook Real Estate Agency.


Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker/Owner Cell-229-403-7300

Brian Lameier, Sales Associate               Cell-229-305-5979


REMINDER:  RENTAL LISTS OVER THE TELEPHONE 24/7:  You can call our office phone number 24/7.   229-226-3889 extension 1.


Eventhough Cook Real Estate Agency has been considered over the 62 years as an RENTAL AGENCY, keep in mind, \\Richard\rwc_c\images\cooklogo.bmpis a full service Real Estate Agency.  Therefore, there are many other services in the real estate business we can help you with.   Looking for a house to buy?  Looking for a farm to buy?  Looking for rental investments?


Brian Lameier can help.  CALL or TEXT Brian’s cell # 229-305-5979.  Email for Brian in SALES is bdlameier@yahoo.com


Be well.

Peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you;  not as the world gives, give I to you.  Don’t let your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful.    John 14:27


During these times of the pandemic, we hope you and your family will stay safe and abide by the rules and regulations set out by the CDC.  Cook Real Estate Agency will still be in the office (IN and OUT) as usual.  As a lot of different businesses have closed or altered their working situation,  places are in the process of opening back up, Cook Real Estate Agency has been remained open.  Eventhough, sometimes during the day the office is locked, we may be out running errands or we may be inside.  KNOCK.  If we don’t answer quickly, then call or text 229-403-7300.  Or Brian at 229-305-5979 (Sales mainly, but can take all calls). 


A lot of times, Brian or Richard of Cook Real Estate Agency could be in the office with the door locked for their own safety during these times.  If you feel someone is inside, knock on the door.  We normally have a note on the door stating we are open and/or in the office.  If someone is in the back of the office (where we could possibly not hear your knock), call or text our cell phones.  We will come to the door.  Also, I think it is to be understood that we will be working off our cell phones more and more than usual………so be in touch with us. 


Brian Lameier in Sales                                          229-305-5979        Cell phone

bdlameier@yahoo.com sales-email

Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker    229-403-7300        Cell phone

cookrealtyrental@aol.com email


If you would like to reach us and set up an appointment to meet at the office, by all means contact us.  Cook Real Estate Agency , we are still working to help you with any of your real estate needs.


Thank you for your understanding.

Richard W. Cook, Real Estate Broker

Cook Real Estate Agency

Since 1960 (Celebrating 62 years in business)

www.cookrealest.com web site

cookrealtyrental@aol.com email

229-226-3889 Office

229-226-3978 FAX

229-403-7300 Cell

Brian Lameier, Sales Associate

229-305-5979      bdlameier@yahoo.com   Sales email


        Property Management (RENTAL COLLECTIONS--Commercial or Residential RENTALS-- collections of RENT for owners of Rental properties, maintenance and upkeep taking service calls that come in by tenants)



Psalm 118:14 (NLT)

The battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s.  Whenever you feel like giving up or giving in, remember that your strength comes from the Lord.  Whenever you’re down and out and can’t seem to pick yourself up, remember your strength comes from the Lord.  When you feel weak and overwhelmed, remember your strength comes from the Lord. 


Don’t you dare give up!  God has amazing things in store for you.  During the battle, the Lord will fight for you.  During the trial, the Lord will strengthen you.  During the test, the Lord will encourage you.  You shall be a conqueror;  you are a part of a royal priesthood;  you are the head and not the tail;  you shall prevail in this life;  you will defeat the enemy and you will inherit eternal life, through Christ Jesus our Lord.


Don’t give up!   Give it to God! 
Cook Real Estate Agency
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Richard W. Cook, Broker/Owner
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Brian Lameier,
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